Buy Nothing Day


Tomorrow is Buy Nothing Day which is an attempt to highlight the waste born of consumerism.  I’m sure we all do our bit by recycling etc. and whilst I believe this is worthwhile I also think that it’s similar to handing over our pots, pans, metal railings to the war effort in WW2.  Part of me believes that this is a just a moral building exercise, making us believe that we are contributing to saving the world when really these are circumstances completely out of our control.

I do believe however that we can make an immediate difference by shopping and banking ethically.  I’m not going suggest who you should bank with, do the research and you can soon see which establishments invest in war, companies that pollute our world and contravene basic human rights.   Likewise shop with a conscience.  In our house we buy nothing made by Nestle or Coca-Cola, follow the links and you’ll see why.  Cutting down on our personal carbon footprint will help this beautiful planet of course but I feel we can make a more significant imprint by selecting to purchase from and interact with, those companies that prove themselves to be of a higher moral standing, that although still contribute to the problems that western society brings, question and review their policies and at least try to make the right decisions.

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