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Arboyne House

I developed this site for the former owners of a B&B in our village.  The idea behind the border was to try and make it look like one of those old wrought iron gates.  The owner was an electrician and did a bit of wiring in our kitchen in exchange for my time.  Now that’s how I like to do business.

Click on the image to view the example site.

Android Market Download Issues

Are downloads and updates from the Android Market hanging on your Android phone?

I had this problem a few weeks ago when on holiday.  Notifications that updates were available for for my HTC Magic and I could access the Android Market but after being taken through the usual installation screens the download would hang immediately with the progress bar static.

I initially put this down to poor reception but when I returned home the problem continued even over my WiFi connection.  I then discovered that people in the UK that had switched their google mail account from to were experiencing the same problem.  I had done this! I went immediately to my account and switched back.

As you can see from above in ‘Settings->Accounts and Import’ there is a link at the end of the ‘Send mail as:’ section which allows you to toggle between the two. I did this and the downloads began working correctly virtually instantly.

In fact switching seems to serve no purpose at all you can still receive and send emails as either gmail or googlemail no matter what your settings. Google are working on the issue but for now they recommend switching back.

Fix Humax PVR-9200T Freezing / Locking

How to fix the Humax PVR-9200T if you are getting problems with it freezing / locking / crashing.

(Also my experience with the –:– clock problem in standby and the 9200T’s failure to record in this mode.)

I have owned the Humax PVR-9200T for a good few years now and it has changed the way we watch TV as a family.  Bought when the kids were younger because inevitably there was something we wanted to watch at their bedtime. This generally entailed one of us watching the beginning of the program and then filling the other in once the kids were settled.  The ability to pause TV was, and is, just brilliant, when the phone rings or unexpected guests arrive etc.  but recently the player started to freeze/lock or the remote control would have no effect and although the program could still be viewed the only way to regain control of the unit was to switch it on and off at the mains.

I was convinced the only way to solve the problem was to reformat the hard drive but luckily I took my partners advice and called the excellent Humax support – 0844 669 8800 (UK Customer Helpline). Within minutes they had emailed me the fix, and here, to save you the bother of picking up the phone is the solution they sent:

Please follow the steps below to perform a Default reset;

  1. Power OFF the receiver
  2. Disconnect the Aerial cable
  3. Power On the receiver
  4. Press MENU
  5. Select Installation
  6. Enter your password (default = 0000)
  7. Select Default Setting
  8. Select YES
  9. Enter your password (Default = 0000)
  10. When the receiver restarts, power off
  11. Connect the Aerial Cable
  12. Power ON – the receiver will then search for the channels.

I hope it works for you too. Enjoy.

UPDATE 02/08/2011: I am now experiencing the dreaded –:– clock problem and have found this thread. This is when the clock displays –:– in standby and won’t record from this mode. I haven’t tried the posted solution yet but by the comments it seems to work. I will post my findings when I get around to it.

UPDATE 03/08/2011: I have just contacted Humax and a new clock board can be purchased for a little over £30.00. However the support engineer suggested that I tried cleaning it as described in the above thread. So I think I will give that a go first.

UPDATE 06/08/2011: So today I removed the clock board following the guidelines here and cleaned it as listed above. It took me about 45 minutes in all to dismantle, clean and reassemble. I used surgical spirit from a local pharmacy and about 5 cotton buds. It worked! and it is quite simple to do, just take your time and hey presto 🙂 Besides, even if it doesn’t it’s certainly worth a try before shelling out £30 for a new board.

If you have a question on any of the above then please post a comment for the benefit of all


Free file sorting and copying program

I wrote this many moons ago and put it on a former site for free download. Noticed from the web site stats that it was still being sought after. If you fancy a bit of retro VB6 gaudy software then enjoy!

Sorted! is a freeware file utility which can be used for organising your mp3, wma, ra, jpg, gif, file types (in fact ANY file type) for backing up or transferring to other media sources (e.g. CD-R, DVD-R, memory card, etc.).  I built this many moons ago in VB6 and it wasn’t hosted for a while but my site still gets hits so I have decided to put it up again.

Main features are as follows:

  • Fetch files from multiple directories and sub directories (mp3, wma, ra, jpg, gif any file type you like).
  • Fetch and fetch files again to create custom lists / play lists.
  • Fetch specific files or file types (mp3, wma, ra, jpg, gif etc.).
  • List full path or just file name.
  • Easily launch any file in list in its associated program.
  • Sort files into directories of any size e.g. directories of 700mb, 1.44mb, 10gb.
  • Easy selection/de-selection of files to sort.
  • Choose how much of the original path to include (depth)
  • SAFE! Never overwrites files or directories but adds increment postfix to name
  • Randomize sort for unique compilations (music, slideshows etc.)
  • Step by step easy to use interface

Please note: The help and update links on this program are currently redundant as they point to my old site, have a play and you should be able to figure it out.

Download and Installation

After reading through the agreement below click on ‘I AGREE’ to download (49K). Extract the .exe into a folder of your choosing (or onto the desk top). Double click on it and off you go!! Trouble Shooting In most cases this application should run trouble free on most MS Windows systems, however if the file does fail to execute properly then you may need to download and install Visual Basic 6 Runtime files. Just use the previous link to download the self extracting .exe and install.


I accept no responsibility for the downloading, use or misuse of this software. You may freely distribute this software but you may not alter it in any way. By clicking on ‘I AGREE’ below you are accepting these terms and conditions. I AGREE.