Fix Humax PVR-9200T Freezing / Locking

How to fix the Humax PVR-9200T if you are getting problems with it freezing / locking / crashing.

(Also my experience with the –:– clock problem in standby and the 9200T’s failure to record in this mode.)

I have owned the Humax PVR-9200T for a good few years now and it has changed the way we watch TV as a family.  Bought when the kids were younger because inevitably there was something we wanted to watch at their bedtime. This generally entailed one of us watching the beginning of the program and then filling the other in once the kids were settled.  The ability to pause TV was, and is, just brilliant, when the phone rings or unexpected guests arrive etc.  but recently the player started to freeze/lock or the remote control would have no effect and although the program could still be viewed the only way to regain control of the unit was to switch it on and off at the mains.

I was convinced the only way to solve the problem was to reformat the hard drive but luckily I took my partners advice and called the excellent Humax support – 0844 669 8800 (UK Customer Helpline). Within minutes they had emailed me the fix, and here, to save you the bother of picking up the phone is the solution they sent:

Please follow the steps below to perform a Default reset;

  1. Power OFF the receiver
  2. Disconnect the Aerial cable
  3. Power On the receiver
  4. Press MENU
  5. Select Installation
  6. Enter your password (default = 0000)
  7. Select Default Setting
  8. Select YES
  9. Enter your password (Default = 0000)
  10. When the receiver restarts, power off
  11. Connect the Aerial Cable
  12. Power ON – the receiver will then search for the channels.

I hope it works for you too. Enjoy.

UPDATE 02/08/2011: I am now experiencing the dreaded –:– clock problem and have found this thread. This is when the clock displays –:– in standby and won’t record from this mode. I haven’t tried the posted solution yet but by the comments it seems to work. I will post my findings when I get around to it.

UPDATE 03/08/2011: I have just contacted Humax and a new clock board can be purchased for a little over £30.00. However the support engineer suggested that I tried cleaning it as described in the above thread. So I think I will give that a go first.

UPDATE 06/08/2011: So today I removed the clock board following the guidelines here and cleaned it as listed above. It took me about 45 minutes in all to dismantle, clean and reassemble. I used surgical spirit from a local pharmacy and about 5 cotton buds. It worked! and it is quite simple to do, just take your time and hey presto 🙂 Besides, even if it doesn’t it’s certainly worth a try before shelling out £30 for a new board.

If you have a question on any of the above then please post a comment for the benefit of all

136 thoughts on “Fix Humax PVR-9200T Freezing / Locking

  1. Brilliant! Thank you for the instructions to unfreeze my 9200T and the very clear cleaning procedure which I have successfully followed. After 7 years of use the machine had loads of dirt inside, so I used a (cool) hair dryer to empty it before following your advice.
    I used isopropyl alcohol (from chemists) as it has no colouring or other additives. Looking forward to another 7 years of use!

  2. If you are having a problems with the remote control slow to work the dvr. The infrared sensor could be dying. If you use a android phone camera to look at the IR sensor while pressing the buttons it will flash bright. You can compare the brightness with any tv remote to see if its the same brightness. I changed my remote and it works great now.

  3. Thanks you so much. My Humax PVR 9500T froze three times this evening, each time I had to switch off and on at mains. Then I found this post and followed the steps – no more freezes, plus it is ‘obeying’ the remote control like ti hasn’t done in ages! Thank you so much! So grateful you took the trouble to share this remedy.

  4. As in previous query all my recorded programmes on my Humax 9200T have gone and on the HDD list still shows the space these have taken ie. 44 per cent. Also will not record selected programmes or do instant recording – is the only option getting a new recorder?

    • No you do not HAVE to get a new recorder. Have you tried to re-format the drive? You will lose your recordings but as you can’t get to them…..

      If you do get a new PVR look at the Panasonic range. I have got one which, if you FF once, you can still hear the speech providing they dot talk too quickly and they can speak the Queen’s English.

      Good luck.

      • Thanks for information – I will try and do what you recommend. Also noted what you’ve said about Panasonic recorder.

  5. My Humax has just erased me saved programes but the amount taken on the Hard drive listing, still shows space taken by these programs. How do i get to see those saved programs, even though the Humax has taken them off the listiings or have i losted them for good and need to format the drive. I dont want to lose those programs. Thanks for your help to you all.

    • It’s happened a few times to me & each time I have lost the programmes. Couldn’t find out how to recover them & it seems to overwrite the disk space when you start to record programmes again. I have started to turn the humax on and off every morniing now & this seems to have cured the problems that have been described on this site & I haven’t had any problems since doing this

      • You don’t mention which model is being affected. With the 9200T you might be in playlist mode, so the library appears to be empty! Select the library and then press the left < button surrounding the central OK button.
        Hope this helps.

  6. I have got the regular freezing of the guide page too.Spoke to Humax twice on the phone and they were quick to answer, but, it depends who you speak to. Helper No.1 was helpful and suggested the way outlined above. Helper No.2 suggested I just needed to be patient! I tried that but it still locks up.
    Pity because the old, non HD, Humax was trouble free for many years.

  7. The inherent problems with the Humax PVR 9150T have been so well known for a very long time and may very well be due to overloading of one or more components in either the machine or, nmore likely in the remote control unit.
    Isn’t high time that the makers addressed to problem and offered either a solution or even a replacement.

    • Having tried all the suggestions posted I have now resorted to turning my humax on/off every morning & this seems to work (most of the time).

  8. My 9200 has been freezing more frequently, so I have tried the reset detailed at the top of this page (previously I have not been disconnecting the aerial) and will see if this will work for me. (also deleted unwanted channels prior to saving channel list after reboot).Thanks in advance 🙂

  9. The response time of my PVR9200T to the remote control has gradually been getting longer over the years, sometimes taking up to 10 seconds to respond to each press. I tried the fix given at the top of this thread but it made no noticeable difference. I then tried to think what could have changed over the last few years to cause this. The last software update (to 1.00.23) was in May 2010 and the disk was only about half full so all I could think of was the increase in the number of channels that were tuned in – over 100 TV channels plus dozens of radio stations. I therefore deleted the majority of channels to leave just a couple of dozen TV channels and about a dozen radio channels. Hey presto, I now have an immediate response to the remote control!

      • i also have had increasing problems over the years with the remote being unable to function properly – freezing, refusing to do anything, fast forward not stopping etc – and then the whole thing froze 10 seconds after i turned it on a few nights ago – i read your post, deleted loads of channels and its working brilliantly! thank you so much! its working better than it has for years….

    • The comment about what has changed gave me a thought as I had no problems what-so-ever with my humax until they introduced 4G into my area earlier this year and then within about a week it started to have problems. I don’t know if this just a coincidence and it doesn’t really solve any of the problems but i wonder if this contributing to the problem of too many signals jamming up the humax ?

      • I would have thought the only problem the 4G signals could possibly cause would be interference affecting the signal reception and hence the picture/sound quality, not the operation of the Humax. I get the impression that the Humax processing just can’t cope with so many channels, especially when viewing the programme guide and so it becomes sluggish. Why not try editing the channel list to delete all those unwanted rubbish channels. It certainly speeded up my one and changed it from a snail into a hare.

        • My problem is mostly confined to the freezing/hanging-up of my humax (which i am getting a bit fed-up of disconnecting the whole thing just to rectify the problem).
          I only mentioned the 4G as I got a card through just before they brought it to my area saying there’s a chance it might disrupt freeview received through an aerial. But who knows ??? However, if someone from Humax is looking at this website maybe they could come up with a software update solution as we all seem to be having similar problems.Or is it that we all have to go and buy new again?

          • do try old bears suggestion of deleting loads of channels – mine works like a dream now after years of problems – i only hope it lasts!

  10. my Humax PVR 9003T won’t record at all what can i do won’t record even off the remote and has lost the record icon on the menu

    • 1) Unplug everything. Reconnect as from a first install, and do a re tune.
      2) It’s quite possible that the hdd is coming to or has come to the end of it’s working life. Short of losing your video content and re formatting the hdd to see if the problem re occurs. It’s either a new hdd ( IDE drives are no longer made I believe-but could be wrong) or you’ll have to sad to say invest in another machine.

      If it’s any consolation my trusty 9200T I had fitted (in 2005) with a 750Gb drive and I have (only now experienced) recording problems. With 7% still to go ( 30 programs) I’m a little way off from doing the ‘format disk’ option.

      Hope this helps!

    • Disconnect box from mains power, open up the case to reveal the electronics inside. Check the cable is still plugged into the hard disk. I had the exact same symptoms and this was the problem. Hope it’s that simple for you too.

    • Unplug everything (all leads and scarts) and check the aerial lead is not shorting out at both ends. (The same if you have it linked ‘daisy’ chained to other equipment for RF pass through) Check the plugs are going into the correct sockets.
      Re connect and try again.

  11. Thank you for this fix. I’ve used it at least twice, but so long between that I forgot where to find it. Google came to the rescue. Once again, thank you for bothering to put this online.

  12. I’ve had problems with the HUMAX for a while now with freezing/not recording properly etc and this morning it froze and so I unplugged it. Let it cool down. and switched it back on only to get “do I want to reformat the hard disk”. So, I did. It took a few minutes and when it turned itself back on I had lost the option to record. Oh dear, I thought ( or words to that effect!). . then I had the idea to look the problem up and come across this site and read the post about disconnect the arial … which is what I did. left it for an hour and turned it back on (with all the cables disconnected). It prompted me to reformat the disk again so I did and now it has righted itself So, thank you to whoever put that idea out into the “ether”

  13. Excellent solution to the freezing/lock up problem. Also saved me binning a perfectly good unit.

    Also the 9200T has the advantage that it has a built in RF modulator so it can be used to pipe it’s output, from the ‘Loop Out’ connector, around the house to other TVs. Later units like the 9300 did not have this facility.

    • The 9300T does have an RF modulator pass through. All you have to do is take it out of ‘power saving’ mode. For the small amount of extra power consumption this is worth the result.

    • So pleased it still works. You might have to do it again. I’ve fixed mine more than once sometimes it looses the settings but hey better than binning it

  14. Thanks for posting this fix,I hadn’t used PVR for age’s, when I did switch it on I couldn’t do a thing with it. I was ready to dump it till I found your site, it’s now as good as new for a ten year old machine that’s not bad.

    • Sorry that happened to me too, means the hard drive is shot, you just have a basic freeview receiver now, i bought another identical one on ebay for 30 pounds, it has a few new and interesting quirks but the last one gave so many years good service better the devil you know!

  15. Thank you so much for your help. Our Humax was freezing and we couldn’t pause a programme. We were just on the point of buying a new one. We followed your instructions and it appears to have worked. Many, many thanks again.

  16. Humax PVR-9300T was working fine until last week – then we had a mains power cut, and after the power cane back on some hours later, the Humax will not respond to hand control or to the manual control on the front. Unplugging from the mains and reconnecting makes no difference. The hard drive starts up runs for about 5 seconds and then stops, this process continues as long as it remains plugged into the mains. The front display alternates between PVR-9300T and BBC One (West) the last programme we watched… Does anyone know how to reboot and stop this happening???

  17. Hi ,
    My PVR900t popped up a message saying ‘Hardrive Error’ as i was watching a recorded show. I pressed OK and it powered off totally into blue screen of death. After unplugging and letting it calm down a bit i tried to get it going and the only way was to hold the standby button at the same time as plugging it back in as it wouldn’t load otherwise, it just gave the ‘please wait ‘ message. Now it’s working however there is no HDD Control option on the menu, it starts with ‘ Preferences’ . It will show my schedule in another place but i tried to record and nothing happened. Is it a gonner ? 🙁
    Many thanks from Mel

  18. Humax states change device when trying to delete i must have touched something but not aware of doing so can anyone help

    • Hi Rosie
      you will need to clear out some old recorded ones and make more space then re do your scheduled programmes. Hope this helps

    • I get that problem as well. I think it is because my SAVEd channels are on different MUXs. My strong MUX is BBC1, ITV etc and my weak MUX is ITV4, or similar. Thus if I am on BBC1 it may not record ITV4. Thus if I go out I leave it on my weak MUX channel that I want to record. Hope this helps

    • So pleased it worked, mine has kept on working ., touch wood and this is a brilliant way of repairing your player seems such a shame to throw them out when this works so well and easy to fix too.

  19. Ref frozen machine: I have used the method before and it worked, however this time it at first appeared to be working but, I couldnot scroll down the options to select the “installatio” icon.
    Can you help please?
    I have tried new batteries in the remote control.
    Regards, David

  20. My humax pvr-9200t froze mid programme last night. Having had this happen previously I switched off and on again at mains to reboot. However the tv will not stay on, the programme comes on briefly, freezes and then goes off. On the panel on the humax is a little square symbol that says TV. Has my box given up the ghost or is it my tv.

  21. Thanks for posting this fix for the freezing problem, I’ll definitely try it. My only hesitation is will it wipe the programmes we’ve got saved?

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