Fix Humax PVR-9200T Freezing / Locking

How to fix the Humax PVR-9200T if you are getting problems with it freezing / locking / crashing.

(Also my experience with the –:– clock problem in standby and the 9200T’s failure to record in this mode.)

I have owned the Humax PVR-9200T for a good few years now and it has changed the way we watch TV as a family.  Bought when the kids were younger because inevitably there was something we wanted to watch at their bedtime. This generally entailed one of us watching the beginning of the program and then filling the other in once the kids were settled.  The ability to pause TV was, and is, just brilliant, when the phone rings or unexpected guests arrive etc.  but recently the player started to freeze/lock or the remote control would have no effect and although the program could still be viewed the only way to regain control of the unit was to switch it on and off at the mains.

I was convinced the only way to solve the problem was to reformat the hard drive but luckily I took my partners advice and called the excellent Humax support – 0844 669 8800 (UK Customer Helpline). Within minutes they had emailed me the fix, and here, to save you the bother of picking up the phone is the solution they sent:

Please follow the steps below to perform a Default reset;

  1. Power OFF the receiver
  2. Disconnect the Aerial cable
  3. Power On the receiver
  4. Press MENU
  5. Select Installation
  6. Enter your password (default = 0000)
  7. Select Default Setting
  8. Select YES
  9. Enter your password (Default = 0000)
  10. When the receiver restarts, power off
  11. Connect the Aerial Cable
  12. Power ON – the receiver will then search for the channels.

I hope it works for you too. Enjoy.

UPDATE 02/08/2011: I am now experiencing the dreaded –:– clock problem and have found this thread. This is when the clock displays –:– in standby and won’t record from this mode. I haven’t tried the posted solution yet but by the comments it seems to work. I will post my findings when I get around to it.

UPDATE 03/08/2011: I have just contacted Humax and a new clock board can be purchased for a little over £30.00. However the support engineer suggested that I tried cleaning it as described in the above thread. So I think I will give that a go first.

UPDATE 06/08/2011: So today I removed the clock board following the guidelines here and cleaned it as listed above. It took me about 45 minutes in all to dismantle, clean and reassemble. I used surgical spirit from a local pharmacy and about 5 cotton buds. It worked! and it is quite simple to do, just take your time and hey presto 🙂 Besides, even if it doesn’t it’s certainly worth a try before shelling out £30 for a new board.

If you have a question on any of the above then please post a comment for the benefit of all

136 thoughts on “Fix Humax PVR-9200T Freezing / Locking

  1. hey! me too, fixed it all by myself, feeling very pleased with myself that i didnt have to go searching for a man to fix it for me! thank you so much!

  2. Thank you so much for your post,I one happy person got my humax pvr9300t working again,was on the verge of buying a new one when I came across your post,thanks for you sharing this

  3. Thanks for the help – I was about to throw out my box but youhave brought it back to life – THANKS – also a thanks to Humax Support who quickly sent me a manual.

  4. Cheers mate, you’re a genius, worked 1st time for me. |I had NO channels, now i have around 126. Easy to follow thanks again.

  5. Yes, does the trick! NB: You may need to power the set on/off using the button on the actual unit, not the remote. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. I find that it I try to access a channel in the range 200-299 my Humax locks up. Mostly I can unlock it with the routine contained in these pages with referring to any notes, it is just damned annoying that it happens so often.

    • I have found that if I select a channel with a bright green ‘D’ alongside the channel number and name my PVR-200T locks up. I then have to disconnect the aerial and power off, wait 10 seconds, power on and select 1. When the response is cannot be found recoonect the aerial and select 1 again.

  7. Done the reset countless times on my 9300T but all searches end with ‘no channels found’ so I’m at my wits’ end. Tried to do a manual search but I don’t know if it’s channel 51, 52 or 58 from Pontop Pike which serves my area (Tyne Tees). It’s the weekend and can’t contact Humax until Monday.

    * Tip to check whether remote is working which I picked up elsewhere – focus digital camera onto the front and press any button. If it flashes there’s nothing wrong with the remote/batteries.

    • Fixed! Had cables in wrong places, which is what you get when you unplug everything and try to start from scratch. But it helped to know someone knowledgeable was out there.

  8. Ha ha … wish I’d found your site last week! I reformatted my 9200T knowing full well I’d lose all my recorded programmes but it didn’t rectify the freezing, but following your advice has done the job! Thank you.

  9. I am using the Humax PVR-9200T also which keeps freezing via the remote. Perhaps
    a new remote is needed. Universal remotes can sometimes work better than the
    puney buttons on the originals, however this Humax’s remote does have big enough
    buttons, so perhaps it just needs a clean. I am just trying to see how long it will last
    after powering down without switching the box on/off via the wall connector. I think the
    freezing happens if you’ve used at least 1/2 of it’s memory capacity. It has also started
    to make corrupt recordings – or at least carry the dreaded orange oblong and green
    circular warning sign overlapping it. For instance I recorded the final episode of
    BBC1’s drama “In The Club”, it’s got the symbols are described against it, but I fast-
    forwarded it to check to see if it was all there as the box had frozen after 10pm when
    the show finished recording. I am planning on recording Celebrity Big Brother at 23:00pm on
    Channel 5 +1 later, so fingers crossed with that one. 😀

    • Tip: If you need to record 3 programmes that overlap (time wise). Example: BBC1, 3-6pm and Channel 4, 3-15 to 4.15 then 4.15 to -7 pm (one program follows the other).
      Set prog 1 BBC1 3-6
      Set prog 2 Ch4 3.15 all the way to 7pm allowing for a little pre recording and post recording times.
      At a later date you can then split the long recording and rename the shows accordingly.

      I doubt the remote is to blame
      The machine should work fine up until the memory becomes exhausted. Then it will simply not record any further until some things are deleted.
      On occasions the machine will get it’s knicks in a twist but don’t we all?
      Hope this helps?

  10. Our daughter has a Humax PVR-915OT which she has taken back to University with her for the last two years and it has worked perfectly! This Summer we brought it home again -boxed carefully in original packaging – but we have just tried to start it up to test it and all it keeps doing is ‘Loading’, reaching 100% then reloading on a constant loop. I have tried your ‘solution’ for which I had high hopes after reading all the comments but as I can’t get past the ‘loading’ screen I am unable to select Menu/installation etc to follow through your instructions. Any ideas or has it ‘dropped’ out of University for the final year lol?


    • Possibly……… the hard drive has suffered a knock and the read head arm in the drive is not in it’s parked position(hence avoid hard crash turning off where possible). Or It won’t spin up to speed and the boot up program it is trying repeatedly to get it to do so, duff hdd?
      If you have any techie folks to hand, remove the hard drive and put into a hdd caddy to see if the files can be read from a pc. If it works the problem would seem to be the on board software.
      Conversely contact the Humax yelp line and ask for their opinion-sorry not quite a quick fix but, just my 6d worth.
      Please post an answer if you get a fix.

      • Hi Lee I know it’s been a while but just got round to asking my other daughter’s ‘techie’ boyfriend to look at Humax hard drive equipped with your comment and hey presto it’s fixed! Was on the verge of dumping it so am really chuffed. Thanks so much! X

    • Another possibilty is the re-tuning. If you’ve tried re-tuning channels through the Radio setting via the TV/Radio button on the remote control, then I don’t think it’ll re-tune until you go back into the TV setting. But then again we have different Humax box versions. I have the PVR-9200T version. So I don’t think you’ll have the same controls as me, but have a look anyway at any similar buttons.

      If stuck and you’ve no longer got your instructions manual then telephone the Humax helpline

      – Tel: 0344 318 8800 (UK Customer Helpline)
      – Lines open Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm (Excludes Bank Holidays)
      – E-mail:
      (Before sending the E-mail, please refer to the FAQ for existing answers or solutions there)

      Or if you want to purchase a new Humax digibox altogether, then you can contact the sales team by the following website link:

  11. This all sounds fine but, if your machine boots up and then just sits on the last remembered channel and does now’t else you are a bit stuffed. We have 3 Hummies ( 9150,9300 and the sulking 9200) so there are enough remotes to rule out dead batteries. My local repair shop mailed me and said do a factory default/format hdd, but when I explained it wont even get to the menu-it went all very quiet from their end. Not only that I don’t want to lose 410+ programmes.
    I’ve only had it since 2004 and with the 750Gb upgrade in 2006, it seems that nothing last’s these days!

  12. You are a diamond geezer.
    You were the second entry in my search engine.
    Note all contacts you are getting this year and this month, PVR-9200T is obviously getting to that age, but what a great product.

  13. Brillo…. it works and GREAT in that all in straight forward clear steps.
    Thank you so so much.
    I was going mad, not able to clear Ch.239 Sonlife, off the screen.
    I can impress the neighbourr again as I return her repaired Humax.

    • Well done Craig,I was all for slinging mine on the skip until I found this. Your right it is Brill.

      and so clear and easy to use Keep the instructions I have
      Trixie x

  14. Great stuff ……hubbie can now stop sulking and get back to the footy while I get a bit of peace. Many thanks!!!!!!!!

  15. The fix worked but the box has re-frozen so it looks like it’s on the way out. Does anyone know if it’s possible to transfer recordings from my existing box onto a new Humax?

    • I tried using the recommended software but it was really slow and failed after about 12 hours. I would try using a USB caddy, you can get them for about £10 (UKP) load the old disk into it and see if you can transfer them via the new boxes usb port. Don’t know if it will work but worth a shot and you can always use the old drive for backup etc.

  16. Fantastic – clear instructions and my Humax PVR9200T is back working! I’d almost given up on it and now it’s back online and all my saved recordings available again too. Thank you.

  17. Yes, it works. My system froze and whatever it did failed. The man in PC World said the unit was worn out and he recommended I buy a new one. Cost nearlt £200. I found the solution, followed it to the letter and all is now OK. Many thanks.

  18. When I use the controller the response is slow or it doesn’t work at all. I turn it off and back on and it usually works for a while more. What could be wrong?

  19. Do you think the refix advice would work on the problem we have with our machine….. It seems to be stuck in record mode, so now we can only record using one ‘head’ not two and not anything on ITV3 which is where it’s got itself stuck (Endeavour last Saturday night). We can watch and fastforward the programme but are totally unable to delete it, it has the REC red icon against the programme name as though it still thinks it’s recording, although it’s not. Am at wits end with it. Any advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

  20. I worked for me! My symptoms were slow respone, which formatting hard drive did not cure. Also freezing picture and no sound.after about 5 minutes. Many thanks for the free advice!

  21. The fix suggested at the top of re-setting to the default seems to have worked for me. Many thanks for putting this info up.
    Mine is the Humax PVR 9150T.

  22. First I thought it was dead batteries, then I was blaming the severe weather, but when I found my sons tv worked ok, I’d decided I would have to get the bank card out and replace my poor old pvr 9200t. But hurrah! I have just tried your solution and it’s now working again! Thanks you so much!

  23. thank you so so much for ur help .pvr was freezing .done as ur instructions one happy pensioner.wish i could reward u some small faith in humanity restored thanks again

  24. Just used your simple and easy to follow instructions which worked perfectly… You just saved me a hundred and fifty quid, you are a lifesaver! Thank you so much. Even saved my hard drive contents which was a great bonus

  25. Thank you so much for this. I have been having all the problems mentioned. Now I have my tv back. Such a relief.

  26. Just found your site after much swearing at the tv, I’ve tried the advice and am now hoping all is well. Anyway, many thanks for the help.

  27. Thank you so much for this. Have given it a try and hope it will work. If it saves me having to buy a new one I will be very happy. It even kept my recorded programmes!!!

  28. I came across this site while I was waiting for my Digital Spy account to become active (!), and never looked back. Relief all round, just as I was starting to think I’d need to buy a new Humax! Thank you very much!

  29. Thanks for posting this info. My Humax started behaving strangely, not turning off, freezing, sound but no picture, etc. The un-freeze procedure fixed everything. At least I’ll know what to do the next time it happens.

  30. Thanks for this. If I reformat the hard disk drive, will that lose all my previous recordings? My Humax has been working well until 3 days ago. Now it’s not recording and I can’t get it to show me my previous recordings anymore.

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  32. Thanks so much for this 🙂 I was about ready to give up, ours was freezing about 5 seconds after switch on leaving no chance to do anything, this worked a treat!

  33. Thank you so much for this – mine had got to the stage of freezing after only a few minutes and I was despairing that its Saturday night, I wouldn’t be able to get hold of support til Monday etc etc so thank you for posting this. Much appreciated.

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