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A collection of drawings published by Axel Juncker

Kunst und Mode Zeichnung en von Ludwig KainerMy daughter is currently working on an art project for A Level dealing with memories.  We were looking around the house for various old things that she could draw and photograph and I remembered this.  It is a collection of drawings by Ludwig Kainer and was given to me by my grandmother, Rose Bachmann (née Friedmann), a holocaust survivor, who dated it at October 1919. As far as I can remember was given to her by the artist at a fashion show.  My memory of the exact facts is rather sketchy but I do know she ‘hung out’ with various artists and poets and delighted in my being a punk in the 70’s.  She likened it to the existentialist movement which was regarded in her day as a way to reassert the importance of human individuality and freedom.

Ludwig Kainer  was  a painter, illustrator and set designer who worked for the Ballet Russes and the Berlin opera and was briefly married  to the artist Lene Schneider-Kainer.  Apart from that and a few examples of his work I cannot find a great deal of information on him. Below are a few of my favourites from the twenty-four in the collection.  If you know of any additional information please comment below.

Drawing by Ludwig KainerDrawing by Ludwig KainerDrawing by Ludwig KainerDrawing by Ludwig Kainer

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  1. I recently purchased a painting by Ludwig Kainer and would be interested in knowing the dates and places he lived in Paris in order to date the painting (his name and address is on the back of the painting).

  2. Dear Mr. Redeyedmonster,
    At the moment I am researching German Expressionsts and the Neue Sachlichkeit artists and Ludwig Kainer is one of the artists on that long list. I have managed to find some information on him, but I´m still missing the exact date and place of death. If you have any such information, I would be much obliged if you shared it with me.
    Thank you in advance

    • Dear Ivana,
      I am Ludwig Kainer’s grand-daughter, you asked about the date of his death it is 1967 in Paris, he is buried there at the cementary where artists, musicians, poets and others of importance are buried; hope this helps.
      Gesche Kainer

      • Hello,
        I am a historian and would like to use one of Ludwig Kainer’s drawings for the Simplicissimus in an article, I am about to publish with the online-journal “Studies in the Maternal”. However, I do not know whom to ask for permission. The works should still be protected by copyright.


      • I have found a copy of Die Purpurne Flut by Antonina Vallentin with illustrations by Ludwig Kainer. It is in German, undated, but signed by both parties as being #72 in printing of 200 copies. The book is not in good condition but the paintings are and they are charming.

  3. I have been sent some additional information and submit it here in its raw form:

    The following information was on the site of an antiquarian book dealer from Germany. It was google translated. I thought you would want it.
    Berlin, Axel Juncker (around 1913/14).
    Farb.illustr. Orig-wing solution, 12 ° (14.5 x 9.5), Mefarb.illustr.Ts.u. 22 kolor. (Act like handkolor.) Printing, including 5 doubles (folded) (sheet size: 8,5 x13, 5 or 8, 5×17, 0)…
    [= Orplid books. Vol 8]. Peppy and masterful fashion drawings in ART DECO style;. Ludwig Kainer, (1885-1967), Munich doctor, painter, graphic designer, poster artist and stage decorator, self-taught artist. Employees of “Simplicissimus”, “Temoins”, “Lady” and other magazines. 1904-1914 works as an artist for the Russian Ballet Nishinskis and Karsavina, married to Lene Schneider-Kainer (1885-1971) (until 1926) and Mrs. Kainer belonged since 1911 to the circle of Arnold Schoenberg, Franz Werfel, Herwarth Walden and Else Lasker- pupils. session invites strong, the colored (without inset) leaves (ink drawings) very well, but there seem to be missing 6 Bl.zu (originally probably 29 Bl (?)).

  4. Dear John, are you interested in selling your watercolour by Ludwig Kainer. I enjoy his work and would love to acquire one. Cheers, James

  5. I have in my collection a watercolor drawing by Ludwig Kainer of dancers from the Ballet Russe. Any information on the artist or his connections with the ballet would be appreciated.

  6. I recently bought a very beautiful self-portrait painted by Lene Schneider-Kainer in 1916. I would love to learn more about her and her work. Ms Gesche Kainer must be her grand-daughter. Dear RedEyedMonster, please help me to get in contact with her. Many thanks. Andreas

  7. Interesting was looking something up on my grandfather Ludwig when i came upon this, if you like you can contact me.

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