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I wrote this many moons ago and put it on a former site for free download. Noticed from the web site stats that it was still being sought after. If you fancy a bit of retro VB6 gaudy software then enjoy!

Sorted! is a freeware file utility which can be used for organising your mp3, wma, ra, jpg, gif, file types (in fact ANY file type) for backing up or transferring to other media sources (e.g. CD-R, DVD-R, memory card, etc.).  I built this many moons ago in VB6 and it wasn’t hosted for a while but my site still gets hits so I have decided to put it up again.

Main features are as follows:

  • Fetch files from multiple directories and sub directories (mp3, wma, ra, jpg, gif any file type you like).
  • Fetch and fetch files again to create custom lists / play lists.
  • Fetch specific files or file types (mp3, wma, ra, jpg, gif etc.).
  • List full path or just file name.
  • Easily launch any file in list in its associated program.
  • Sort files into directories of any size e.g. directories of 700mb, 1.44mb, 10gb.
  • Easy selection/de-selection of files to sort.
  • Choose how much of the original path to include (depth)
  • SAFE! Never overwrites files or directories but adds increment postfix to name
  • Randomize sort for unique compilations (music, slideshows etc.)
  • Step by step easy to use interface

Please note: The help and update links on this program are currently redundant as they point to my old site, have a play and you should be able to figure it out.

Download and Installation

After reading through the agreement below click on ‘I AGREE’ to download (49K). Extract the .exe into a folder of your choosing (or onto the desk top). Double click on it and off you go!! Trouble Shooting In most cases this application should run trouble free on most MS Windows systems, however if the file does fail to execute properly then you may need to download and install Visual Basic 6 Runtime files. Just use the previous link to download the self extracting .exe and install.


I accept no responsibility for the downloading, use or misuse of this software. You may freely distribute this software but you may not alter it in any way. By clicking on ‘I AGREE’ below you are accepting these terms and conditions. I AGREE.

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