Android Market Download Issues

Are downloads and updates from the Android Market hanging on your Android phone?

I had this problem a few weeks ago when on holiday.  Notifications that updates were available for for my HTC Magic and I could access the Android Market but after being taken through the usual installation screens the download would hang immediately with the progress bar static.

I initially put this down to poor reception but when I returned home the problem continued even over my WiFi connection.  I then discovered that people in the UK that had switched their google mail account from to were experiencing the same problem.  I had done this! I went immediately to my account and switched back.

As you can see from above in ‘Settings->Accounts and Import’ there is a link at the end of the ‘Send mail as:’ section which allows you to toggle between the two. I did this and the downloads began working correctly virtually instantly.

In fact switching seems to serve no purpose at all you can still receive and send emails as either gmail or googlemail no matter what your settings. Google are working on the issue but for now they recommend switching back.


Free file sorting and copying program

I wrote this many moons ago and put it on a former site for free download. Noticed from the web site stats that it was still being sought after. If you fancy a bit of retro VB6 gaudy software then enjoy!

Sorted! is a freeware file utility which can be used for organising your mp3, wma, ra, jpg, gif, file types (in fact ANY file type) for backing up or transferring to other media sources (e.g. CD-R, DVD-R, memory card, etc.).  I built this many moons ago in VB6 and it wasn’t hosted for a while but my site still gets hits so I have decided to put it up again.

Main features are as follows:

  • Fetch files from multiple directories and sub directories (mp3, wma, ra, jpg, gif any file type you like).
  • Fetch and fetch files again to create custom lists / play lists.
  • Fetch specific files or file types (mp3, wma, ra, jpg, gif etc.).
  • List full path or just file name.
  • Easily launch any file in list in its associated program.
  • Sort files into directories of any size e.g. directories of 700mb, 1.44mb, 10gb.
  • Easy selection/de-selection of files to sort.
  • Choose how much of the original path to include (depth)
  • SAFE! Never overwrites files or directories but adds increment postfix to name
  • Randomize sort for unique compilations (music, slideshows etc.)
  • Step by step easy to use interface

Please note: The help and update links on this program are currently redundant as they point to my old site, have a play and you should be able to figure it out.

Download and Installation

After reading through the agreement below click on ‘I AGREE’ to download (49K). Extract the .exe into a folder of your choosing (or onto the desk top). Double click on it and off you go!! Trouble Shooting In most cases this application should run trouble free on most MS Windows systems, however if the file does fail to execute properly then you may need to download and install Visual Basic 6 Runtime files. Just use the previous link to download the self extracting .exe and install.


I accept no responsibility for the downloading, use or misuse of this software. You may freely distribute this software but you may not alter it in any way. By clicking on ‘I AGREE’ below you are accepting these terms and conditions. I AGREE.

The Windows Experience Index

The Windows Experience Index for your system could not be computed – a fix for Windows 7 N Editions.

Having just installed Windows 7 Ultimate N on my two year old Dell Inspiron 9400 I thought I would rate the system and get Aero running via Control Panel->Performance Information and Tools. I was surprised when this ‘informative’ error message popped up.  Don’t bother clicking on the help link it just launches the generic help and does not give any indication as to what might be causing the problem.

The windows experience index.

I checked my drivers, one concern being my graphics driver, as there did not appear to be a Windows 7 driver for my ATI Mobility Radeon X1400.  Searching the forums I found various suggestions which I tried  to no avail.  Then somewhere I noticed that when running the check windows plays various media files and it suddenly clicked.  Windows 7  N editions do not come with Media Player, go here for an explanation.  So I hunted down the free Media Feature Pack, installed, re-ran the windows experience tool and hey presto, job done.

Top 5 Android Applications

My 5 most used and favourite Android applications.

Having owned a  HTC Magic for all of a few months, I thought I would give you my unbiased and expert ;op opinion regarding my favourite Android applications. There are absolutely thousands of applications to choose from, mostly free, but after playing, downloading , discarding, these are five that I still use, rely on and enjoy.

1. Twidroid

TwiroidTwidroid is , unsurprisingly, a Twitter client.  There is a free and ‘Pro’ version, the Pro version offering additional features including multiple accounts, integration, desktop widgets, video posting, followers and friends.

Once you are logged into the application it displays the latest 50 tweets.  The list length can be increased via the settings menu.  Tweets can be refreshed by using the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen or by shaking the phone. Tapping a tweet creates a popup containing any available links. Selecting the little button to the right of a tweet displays a menu allowing you to reply, show profile of tweeter, favourite, retweet, send DM, delete or copy the contents of the tweet to the clipboard.  Additional functionality includes viewing and managing lists,  setting up notifications for when there are new tweets, if you receive a direct message or are mentioned.  You can also show/hide various buttons, display real names instead of user names and set up your favourite photo, video and URL shortening services.  The application also integrates with your phones GPS to allow you to annotate tweets and photos with your location.  Other miscellaneous settings include the ability to merge your accounts, refresh tweets on launch, auto-complete for DMs and disable profile images for improved speed.

I have tried a number of Twitter clients, free and paid, and found this to be the most stable and feature rich of all.  In the majority of cases I think the free version will cover most peoples needs however for a small price you may be tempted to upgrade to pro for the additional functionality and to support the future development of this app.

2. DoggCatcher

DoggcatcherDoggcatcher is primarily a podcast subscriber although it is capable of subscribing to standard RSS and video feeds also.  Podcasts were not something I had explored in any great detail until I bought this application (yes, sorry, this is not a freebee). Mainly because I have very little time at home and 3G connectivity out here in the sticks is limited at best. With this application you can set to download your favourite podcasts  only when attached to WiFi and/or when connected to a power source.  It allows you to specify the maximum number of casts to download and can be set to delete them from your phone once you have listened to them, or marked them as ‘done’ thus automating the clean up process and keeping your phones storage free.  I tend to switch the WiFi on when I get home at night and the latest feeds are downloaded to my phone for my listening pleasure the next day.

Podcasts can be subscribed to by entering the URL, browsing Doggcatchers top 100 casts or by a very nifty utility which allows you to see what others listening to similar feeds subscribe to. Download queues are easily managed and you can dip in and out of podcasts as the application remembers the play position of each podcast.  For me it means that I never miss an episode of The Archers and have an alternative to music when at a loose end away from home.

Why is it called Doggcatcher? I’ve no idea.

3. MixZing Music Player

MixZing Music PLayerThe standard Android player is pretty basic so I had a hunt around on the market for something with a bit more oomph and came up with this.  Having bought a 16gb card for my phone I tend to just dump albums onto it but there is always the odd track that once heard you don’t really want to hear again e.g. Moby Dick by Led Zeppelin.  MixZing allows you to delete as you listen an option that is missing from the standard player an my most wanted utility.

This player does all the usual stuff like play lists, random mixes, album art and if you download Scrobble Droid it will update your account listened to list and library.

Selecting the ‘i’ button in the top left of the screen brings up the artists biography including photos and the button opposite shows your current play list.

The real strength of this player (apart from being free) is that it will recommend other songs based on your current play list and you can agree or disagree with its suggestion via the + and x buttons, bottom right.  This will then adjust  further recommendations accordingly.

In the blurb for this player it indicates that you also get recommendations from the internet although I have not witnessed this feature.

All in all for a free player you can’t go far wrong, the interface is clean and easy to use and the automatically downloaded album art looks great.

4. My Tracks

The last two applications on my list are not ones that I use heavily but I think they are just fantastic freebees which make use of the HTC Magic’s compass and GPS.  My Tracks allows you to plot your favourite walks, runs etc. in real time and upload them to Google Maps to share with your friends.  It records distance, elevation, and the time it takes to complete the route.  You can create way points, link photos to them and it also integrates with all your messaging applications like Twidroid, Facebook Mobile, Google Mail and standard SMS.  Ever been for a lovely walk and wondered how far it was or wanted to share it with someone else? Then this is the application for you.

5. Google Sky Map

For my daughters 16th birthday her Grandfather bought her a star.  This year she was eighteen and her boyfriend bought her a telescope so she could properly find it.  Google Sky Map is a fantastic application for the budding astronomer or for those clear star filled evenings when you are not quite sure what you are looking at.  Simply fire up the application and hold your phone in the direction and elevation that you are looking.  Displayed on the screen is a replica of the stars and planets you are viewing along with their names.  A horizontal line defines the horizon and there is a night mode for easier viewing.  You can even use the sky map in the day or when light pollution is too intense.  I have found it amazingly accurate even with the GPS switched of.  A fantastic fun application and a must for camping holidays.

Widgets – Poorly coded?

Is it me or are a large number of widgets poorly coded?  Although they may look good on your site do they actually conform to any standard? As I’m still putting this site together I thought it might be fun to add a couple of good looking widget adding a bit of interactivity.  I grabbed the code for the Twitter profile widget and the Books Widget from entered the code into my sidebar and checked the results.  Well, they looked pretty good, but when I used the  W3C Validator I was astounded at the number of errors it brought up.  Now perhaps I’m being a bit anal, maybe its the autistic gene but I’m not even expecting strict compliance merely transitional.  So wouldn’t it, after spending so much time creating a good looking widget, only take a little more effort to add a little conformity?