SWEAT v1.2.1.0

Search Word ExtrActor Tool

I developed this little text manipulation utility/editor to explore ways of extracting key words from large amounts of text.  You may find it useful for that or some other purpose.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop any file to analyse
  • Set case of entire text
  • Remove multiple spaces
  • Remove new line characters (new paragraphs)
  • Remove tabs
  • Remove special characters e.g. punctuation etc.
  • Remove Numbers
  • Remove single characters (i.e. a character with a space either side)
  • Only show words repeated X number of times
  • Remove all duplicates of words
  • Remove a custom list of words
  • Sort alphabetically
  • Wrap words in custom character(s)
  • Delimit words with any character

User Guide

SWEAT Main ScreenTo get started paste some text or drop a file into the top text box, select some options from the aptly named ‘Options’ tab, return to the tab above and hit ‘Go!’.  Your results will appear in the bottom text box.  You can change your options and hit ‘Go!’ again to see different results. When you close SWEAT down it remembers all of your settings including the exclusion list.

Options explained

SWEAT OptionsThe options shown above are executed in the order shown on the form which may explain why you get results you were not anticipating.  They are fairly self-explanatory but if you are not sure, don’t worry, you can do no harm, experiment. The exclusion list (Remove words listed below tick box) can, in my experience, get pretty big when working on large bodies of text.  These words are saved, capitalised and alphabetically ordered when you close the program for easy reference the next time you use it.


  • A Windows PC


Unpack the downloaded .zip file and run setup.exe



Always grateful for your feedback 26/02/13

  • No limit on Remove Words List 20/01/13

  • Improved performance
  • Improved word count
  • Drag and drop any file to analyse
  • Remove tabs functionality added
  • No longer remembers text you pasted in on close. This is because it is now possible to drag and drop large files into the application and storing these as a setting had great implications on the start up time of the application 19/01/13

  • Check for update functionality enhanced 16/12/12

  • First release

Edit Any Table v2.1.2

A WordPress plugin/Dashboard Widget that allows you to connect to any database and edit the contents.

This plugin is a dashboard widget to allow you to connect to any MySQL database of your choice (as long as your hosting allows) and search, edit, add and delete records in an easy to use interface. Ideal if you have built a site referencing another database. You can allow other editors/administrators of the site to alter, update, delete, add and correct entries without having to give them the full capabilities of administration tools such as phpMyAdmin.

If you find this plug-in useful then please rate it, thanks.


To install, download the .zip file from the link below, extract the contents and place the edit-any-table folder in your plugin directory (typically \\your-site\wp-content\plugins\)


Once installed go to the Dashboard->Plugins page of your WordPress site and activate the plugin:

Edit Any Table activation and settings linkNow go to the Dashboard->Settings->Edit Any Table page and enter the required details:

Edit Any Table Settings

First you’ll need to enter the host (often localhost), the name of the database you wish to connect to and a valid user name and password. Under Admin Settings you can choose to allow Administrators only to have access to the widget or Editors as well. Note: If neither of these boxes are ticked the widget will not display in your WordPress Dashboard. You can choose what to allow the Editor to do i.e. Add, Edit and/or Delete.  Leaving these boxes unchecked will give the Editor view only access.   Display Settings allows you to select the maximum number of columns to display for returned searches. Edit Any Table displays best in a single column dashboard configuration and I find five columns is a comfortable fit but adjust to suit. Here you can also select to apply a friendly name for your connected database, this can help to assure editors (who don’t have access to the settings) they are working on the correct records. Finally, if you don’t want Edit Any Table to display as a widget then you can choose to have it rendered in its own separate admin page. Tables, if you have entered your database credentials correctly and saved them, you will get a list of all the tables.  Select which ones you would like to be accessed via the admin screen.

You will also notice that at the top of the settings page is an option to switch debug mode on or off. Switching it on will display all the SQL sent to your database and may help identify and issues or strange results you may be getting.

Using Edit Any Table

Once configured return to the dashboard and you should see the following widget:

Edit Any Table WidgetNow choose a table from the drop down list and select Open Note: If there is nothing in the list then you have either not entered the correct details in your settings or there are no tables in your database.

Here you can either search or add a new record with the values you have entered. Entering no search criteria returns all the records from the table. To clear any values hit the Reset button. If you enter values that are not of the correct type or in the wrong format when adding a new record these values will be substituted for the database defaults.  Wild cards do not work in searches but by selecting the ‘Fuzzy’ check box Edit Any Table will look for the phrase or part word you entered within any string field i.e.  entering ‘Liz’ in a first name field could return Elizabeth, Liz or Lizzy. Please be aware that fuzzy searches can take a lot longer when searching large datasets. Any time you want to return to this screen just select the Open button again.Search

These are the search results for a search against the AString field using the phrase hello:

Edit Any Table search resultsNow you can edit the record contents or delete a record. To return to the search/add record screen just select Open again. That’s it, enjoy.

Known Issues / Features

  • There is no bulk update or delete
  • After saving you are not returned to the previously displayed records
  • Cannot search blobs
  • Using reserved words as column names can cause issues

Please Note

To use this plugin you need a basic knowledge of database design and setup. Modifying records can have unpredictable results so if you are at all unsure I would suggest creating a test table first before using in anger.


If you have a support question or have discovered a bug in Edit-Any-Table then please post here

BizTalk Server 2010 Documenter

A free tool that greatly simplifies documenting BizTalk installations and their associated applications.


User Guide


I don’t like to generalise but most developers I have met are not keen on writing documentation and having recently finished a piece of integration work using BizTalk 2010 I was delighted to find an automatic documenter on the open source CodePlex site.  Unfortunately it did not work properly on the environment I was using so I downloaded the code and gave it some tweaks and enhancements.  Having tested it, successfully documented projects at work, I have uploaded the now BizTalk Server 2010 Documenter to the same site and hope that some of you may find it of use.


Free file sorting and copying program

I wrote this many moons ago and put it on a former site for free download. Noticed from the web site stats that it was still being sought after. If you fancy a bit of retro VB6 gaudy software then enjoy!

Sorted! is a freeware file utility which can be used for organising your mp3, wma, ra, jpg, gif, file types (in fact ANY file type) for backing up or transferring to other media sources (e.g. CD-R, DVD-R, memory card, etc.).  I built this many moons ago in VB6 and it wasn’t hosted for a while but my site still gets hits so I have decided to put it up again.

Main features are as follows:

  • Fetch files from multiple directories and sub directories (mp3, wma, ra, jpg, gif any file type you like).
  • Fetch and fetch files again to create custom lists / play lists.
  • Fetch specific files or file types (mp3, wma, ra, jpg, gif etc.).
  • List full path or just file name.
  • Easily launch any file in list in its associated program.
  • Sort files into directories of any size e.g. directories of 700mb, 1.44mb, 10gb.
  • Easy selection/de-selection of files to sort.
  • Choose how much of the original path to include (depth)
  • SAFE! Never overwrites files or directories but adds increment postfix to name
  • Randomize sort for unique compilations (music, slideshows etc.)
  • Step by step easy to use interface

Please note: The help and update links on this program are currently redundant as they point to my old site, have a play and you should be able to figure it out.

Download and Installation

After reading through the agreement below click on ‘I AGREE’ to download sorted.zip (49K). Extract the .exe into a folder of your choosing (or onto the desk top). Double click on it and off you go!! Trouble Shooting In most cases this application should run trouble free on most MS Windows systems, however if the file does fail to execute properly then you may need to download and install Visual Basic 6 Runtime files. Just use the previous link to download the self extracting .exe and install.


I accept no responsibility for the downloading, use or misuse of this software. You may freely distribute this software but you may not alter it in any way. By clicking on ‘I AGREE’ below you are accepting these terms and conditions. I AGREE.