A Book My Father Bought

Stories from The Arabian Nights Retold by Laurence Houseman
With Drawings by Edmund Dulac

Having transformed himself by disguise

My Mother said:

“With your Father it was either a book or something to eat”

Taking into consideration that statement and the fact book precedes something to eat, I believe it most probable that they went without their supper the day he bought this. Printed in 1907 and acquired by my Father in the mid fifties, before I was born, it was already in a sorry state and hasn’t, over the years, recovered. The binding is falling apart, pages are loose and there are signs of water damage. What is remarkably untouched and unblemished by the ravages of time however are the colour plates by Edmund Dulac. These have remained covered by titled tracing paper and are, I think, the reason my Father made this, at that time, extravagant purchase.

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Stories from The Arabian Nights Retold by Laurence Houseman With Drawings by Edmund Dulac

Kunst und Mode

The collection of prints by Ludwig Kainer published by Axel Junker

A while ago I posted a selection of these prints here with as much information on the artist and prints as I could find. I have noticed a number of searches and hits against it so I thought I would now post the entire collection for your delight. Enjoy 🙂

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Girl with the Ivy Tattoo

An appropriate 19th birthday present for my daughter?

Ivy Tattoo

For her 19th birthday my daughter has asked for a tattoo.  This is the design she came up with. I think it’s pretty cool but I’m not sure many would think it an appropriate present for parents to buy their offspring.  However the tattooist, an old friend of mine, kindly reworked it and made the above transfer.  She is very excited and I think it sits well on her shoulder.  She’s going for the real thing next month, the day after her birthday.  Hopefully she will not find the process too painful and remain pleased with it for many years to come.  One thing for sure, I don’t mind paying for the tattoo but I’m not forking out for laser treatment should she change her mind.

Ludwig Kainer – Art and Fashion

A collection of drawings published by Axel Juncker

Kunst und Mode Zeichnung en von Ludwig KainerMy daughter is currently working on an art project for A Level dealing with memories.  We were looking around the house for various old things that she could draw and photograph and I remembered this.  It is a collection of drawings by Ludwig Kainer and was given to me by my grandmother, Rose Bachmann (née Friedmann), a holocaust survivor, who dated it at October 1919. As far as I can remember was given to her by the artist at a fashion show.  My memory of the exact facts is rather sketchy but I do know she ‘hung out’ with various artists and poets and delighted in my being a punk in the 70’s.  She likened it to the existentialist movement which was regarded in her day as a way to reassert the importance of human individuality and freedom.

Ludwig Kainer  was  a painter, illustrator and set designer who worked for the Ballet Russes and the Berlin opera and was briefly married  to the artist Lene Schneider-Kainer.  Apart from that and a few examples of his work I cannot find a great deal of information on him. Below are a few of my favourites from the twenty-four in the collection.  If you know of any additional information please comment below.

Drawing by Ludwig KainerDrawing by Ludwig KainerDrawing by Ludwig KainerDrawing by Ludwig Kainer