Ludwig Kainer – Art and Fashion

A collection of drawings published by Axel Juncker

Kunst und Mode Zeichnung en von Ludwig KainerMy daughter is currently working on an art project for A Level dealing with memories.  We were looking around the house for various old things that she could draw and photograph and I remembered this.  It is a collection of drawings by Ludwig Kainer and was given to me by my grandmother, Rose Bachmann (née Friedmann), a holocaust survivor, who dated it at October 1919. As far as I can remember was given to her by the artist at a fashion show.  My memory of the exact facts is rather sketchy but I do know she ‘hung out’ with various artists and poets and delighted in my being a punk in the 70’s.  She likened it to the existentialist movement which was regarded in her day as a way to reassert the importance of human individuality and freedom.

Ludwig Kainer  was  a painter, illustrator and set designer who worked for the Ballet Russes and the Berlin opera and was briefly married  to the artist Lene Schneider-Kainer.  Apart from that and a few examples of his work I cannot find a great deal of information on him. Below are a few of my favourites from the twenty-four in the collection.  If you know of any additional information please comment below.

Drawing by Ludwig KainerDrawing by Ludwig KainerDrawing by Ludwig KainerDrawing by Ludwig Kainer