Stop the War

Just a couple of thoughts about the Mass Assembly on October 8th

The march ended at Downing StreetThis weekend I attended, with my family, the Mass Assembly organised by the Stop the War Coalition in Trafalgar Square which marked 10 years of the war against terror.  Like, I imagine, most of the people there, we have been attending these marches since, and before, the illegal war on Iraq. In fact the march was led by 106 year old Hetty Bower who has been campaigning for peace & human rights for most of her life.  I was surprised however at the poor turn out as I had expected the place to be heaving especially considering the number of prominent speakers in attendance.

So why are numbers dropping?  Is it because of the governments exit plan? Doubtful.  Or maybe there are so many things to protest about these days that support is spread thin? Even the NHS reform protesters only managed to pull a couple of thousand the following day. Are people so concerned about there personal situations under the current regime that war becomes insignificant to them? Do they see demonstrating against war as a betrayal to our troops? It’s not.  Poor promotion? Was the campaign relying too much on social networks to spread the word? Or is it the poor news coverage that anti-war protests consistently get? Surely there is no greater cause than that which calls for an end to the murder of thousands of innocents.  I don’t know what the answer is but what I do know is that the 12 million (£12,000,000) spent each day on a war that cannot be won could rectify many, if not all, of the issues facing us today.

Slipping Back in Time

The new track from Captain Ska hits the spot!

I was 19 when Thatcher came to power in 1979. A young man/boy/punk, I was actively involved in the anti-racist movement headed by Rock Against Racism and The Anti-Nazi League.  We were already fighting the extreme right wing when this insidious, uncaring, government came into power. The National Front were easy to eradicate compared to the silver tongued politicians who would have us believe that profit was the only important thing in life.  Over the next 18 years they dismantled the Welfare State, disempowered  the unions, destroyed industries and demoralised local communities.  They irrevocably altered our countries social values paving the way for the exploitation of the poor and vulnerable.  I’m not saying New Labour were perfect by any means but don’t be fooled into thinking that Cameron‘s way is our only option. Don’t slip back in time!

Captain SKA’s 3rd release is a lament to the current government’s return to the Thatcherite policies that so devastated this country in the 1980’s, and a call to take urgent action to stop the damage and violence to the UK’s public services.

Slipping Back In Time is released on all digital outlets on 11th July.!/CaptainSKA

Captain SKA – Christmas No 1

Liar Liar by Captain SKA

Dark days have arrived in Britain. The coalition government and their toxic flotilla of cuts are ruthlessly hacking away jobs, damaging vulnerable lives and chipping away at the very fabric of our society. We cannot afford to stand by and let this country sail towards a future of inequality.

Fear Not! Captain SKA and his ship have arrived to fight this coalition, but more crew members are urgently required, there is strength in numbers.
Pass this video on to other potential shipmates.

Happy Sailing
Captain SKA!/CaptainSKA!/home.php?s…

Buy Nothing Day


Tomorrow is Buy Nothing Day which is an attempt to highlight the waste born of consumerism.  I’m sure we all do our bit by recycling etc. and whilst I believe this is worthwhile I also think that it’s similar to handing over our pots, pans, metal railings to the war effort in WW2.  Part of me believes that this is a just a moral building exercise, making us believe that we are contributing to saving the world when really these are circumstances completely out of our control.

I do believe however that we can make an immediate difference by shopping and banking ethically.  I’m not going suggest who you should bank with, do the research and you can soon see which establishments invest in war, companies that pollute our world and contravene basic human rights.   Likewise shop with a conscience.  In our house we buy nothing made by Nestle or Coca-Cola, follow the links and you’ll see why.  Cutting down on our personal carbon footprint will help this beautiful planet of course but I feel we can make a more significant imprint by selecting to purchase from and interact with, those companies that prove themselves to be of a higher moral standing, that although still contribute to the problems that western society brings, question and review their policies and at least try to make the right decisions.