Slipping Back in Time

The new track from Captain Ska hits the spot!

I was 19 when Thatcher came to power in 1979. A young man/boy/punk, I was actively involved in the anti-racist movement headed by Rock Against Racism and The Anti-Nazi League.  We were already fighting the extreme right wing when this insidious, uncaring, government came into power. The National Front were easy to eradicate compared to the silver tongued politicians who would have us believe that profit was the only important thing in life.  Over the next 18 years they dismantled the Welfare State, disempowered  the unions, destroyed industries and demoralised local communities.  They irrevocably altered our countries social values paving the way for the exploitation of the poor and vulnerable.  I’m not saying New Labour were perfect by any means but don’t be fooled into thinking that Cameron‘s way is our only option. Don’t slip back in time!

Captain SKA’s 3rd release is a lament to the current government’s return to the Thatcherite policies that so devastated this country in the 1980’s, and a call to take urgent action to stop the damage and violence to the UK’s public services.

Slipping Back In Time is released on all digital outlets on 11th July.!/CaptainSKA

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