Bredwardine Walk

A gentle 3 mile walk via Bredwardine bridge and church, Herefordshire.

Celtic Cross  Yesterday we decided to visit The Scar near Staunton-on-wye and collect sweet chestnuts. Unfortunately when we arrived we found that everyone else seemed to have had the same idea and there was nowhere to park along the lane.  Determined to go for a walk of some kind we carried on, entering Bredwardine, parking just before the bridge, opposite Brobury House and gardens.  Both The Scar and Bredwardine are along the route of the 136 mile Wye Valley Walk. 

Walking down the hill and across the bridge take the first style on your left and follow the footpath up to the church.  On arriving at the church we noticed that new permissive access has been given to a traditional orchard, so we had a look around and sampled some of the apples.  It was sad to see that the apples were not being harvested but were just left to rot on the ground. Having walked the perimeter of the orchard we rejoined the footpath around the church and walked through the woodland parallel to the river.  There are some fantastic old oak and chestnut trees here but alas no chestnuts for the picking.  I think the locals had probably got there before us.  Further on down the path you arrive at a good sized pond, the edges populated with bulrushes.  From here it is a gentle climb  along the path, then farm track to the road where you bear right to head back down to Bredwardine.  See the map and pictures below and view a detailed OS map here.


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Detailed OS Map

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