Eardisley Circular Walk

A pleasant afternoon with Eardisley Ramblers Group (Herefordshire) on their first outing.

Yesterday we had a very enjoyable afternoon joining Eardisley Ramblers Group on their first outing.  The aim of the group, led by David Bennett is primarily to establish an inner circular walk around Eardisley, not the walk we went on today, and to highlight the poor state of repair to stiles, signage and the footpaths in general.

Twenty-three walkers met in The Tram car park  of various ages and abilities.  The walk had been designed so that people could easily drop off along the way during and after the first few miles if they desired. It turned out to be a lovely day with good exercise and very good company.  For more information on the group and future walks take a look at the Eardisley Community Access Point page on facebook and like it!

Meeting up in The Tram car park.

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Follow the detailed map for precise directions, however: leave the Tram Inn, head up Woodseaves Road past Canon Ford Avenue and take the first stile on your left.  Follow the signs through two fields to join a narrow footpath running behind the Old Mill and The Barns where you exit by Eardisley Church. Go through the Millstream  Gardens estate and the field at the back onto the old tram line which joins the Almeley Road. Straight across the road following the signs into a large field.  Walking up the right side of the field at about two thirds through cross to the left, over a stile, and follow the line of trees in this field to the top. At the top turn right down a steep bank and across a rickety bridge into Hollywell Dingle. Take the high road (top path) through Hollywell Dingle and follow it right to the end. Over another stile, through a field and onto a lane leading to the A4111.  Shortly before reaching the main road there is a footpath to the left follow this across the field and exit via a gate onto the A4111. Turn left for 50 yards or so and then right into Bower Lane.  After a short distance (one field width) take the footpath into a field that you cross diagonally.  From this point the signage is pretty sparse but basically it’s all down hill from here. Keep an eye out for the few kissing gates and follow your nose!

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Detailed OS Map

4 thoughts on “Eardisley Circular Walk

  1. dear red Eyed Monster,
    Your site is very interetsing.
    have just done a walk from Wooton to Amilely, thats circular so you might like to try it?
    I tried to print off directions and maps and could not.
    But with your ‘Just Go for It’ style I might take a leave out of your book.
    I’m looking for circular walks around Eardisley and between there and Hereford.
    My group doesn’t want too far out re driving.
    Thanks for an interesting read.

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