Toshiba 22BV500B Review

A 22 inch LCD wide screen TV with freeview and HD ready

I am writing about this TV for two reasons. First, we have just bought one and second, it is on offer at Argos and I thought a number of people may be considering buying it, especially with Christmas approaching, and may find an unbiased review useful.

Toshiba 22BV500B

We bought this television for our kitchen to replace an old CRT TV which sat on top of the fridge.  For this reason we decided to wall mount it as the fridge door is occasionally wrenched open by the kids and we were worried about it falling off. The first thing to mention here is that the size of bracket specified on the Argos site is incorrect it is not 200 x 100 but 100 x 100 (VESA compliant).  We bought the bracket on the same day and ended up buying a more expensive one because of this (one with 200 & 100 holes).  Having said that fixing it to the wall was a very good idea as the base is only slim and in fact the Toshiba manual suggests using a fixing strap. Not that I have ever seen that done with any telly. You should be OK if you have it on a solid, steady surface but if you are thinking about having it on a cabinet in a kids bedroom you may want to consider the strap or wall mount options.

The 22BV500B comes with basic standard conectivity:

  • 1 HDMI socket.
  • 1 SCART socket.
  • PC input socket.
  • Component video socket.
  • Composite.
  • Headphone socket.
  • AV socket (side and rear).
  • 1 USB port.

The on screen menus, functions, picture options are what you would expect from most modern freeview televisions, albeit basic.  Swapping between channels isn’t immediate and when first switched on it takes a good few seconds (sorry I haven’t timed it) for the picture and sound to come on.  The first time I switched it on I switched it off again thinking that I hadn’t switched it on properly. The sound is OK but not brilliant and when listening to radio stations comes across a little tiny reminding me of an old transistor radio and it’s a shame that there is no way of switching of the screen, thus saving a little energy.

Finally, the picture quality, probably the most important consideration. The picture is clear and bright with a reasonable viewing angle.  However there is a slight bleed from the back lighting around the edges which is noticeable when the edge of the picture is dark.  This would irritate me if this was our main TV but doesn’t really bother me in the kitchen.

So to conclude, a good kitchen telly or possibly for the bedroom and adequate for a games station.  You get what you pay for and I haven’t been able to find anything better for the price.  If you do have an extra £40 though you may want to consider one of the higher quality manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony or Panasonic.

I hope you have found this useful, you can download the full manual here.  If you have any questions leave a comment and I will endeavour to answer them.

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